Press Release

SofterWare Celebrates 25 Years

Vice President Jon Biedermann provides an entertaining review of SofterWare’s first 25 years.
Doug and Nathan
CEO Doug Schoenberg and President Nathan Relles enjoy the festivities along with staff and guests.

In March of 2006, SofterWare gathered to celebrate 25 years of providing software and support to the nonprofit, childcare, camp and education markets. As we reminisced, we also looked forward to a bright future based on long-lasting client relationships, technological advancements and product innovations. We feel strongly that our success is due to continually striving towards exceptional quality, anticipating and listening to client needs, and satisfying our customers through products and services that provide proven value.

Doug Schoenberg, CEO of SofterWare, congratulated everyone for their contributions, saying, “As we begin our next quarter century, I’m truly excited by the upcoming enhancements in our products and services. We’ve never been, and never will be, content to simply rest on our laurels. Though we can be proud of our achievements, we must also recognize that our continued success relies on the success of our clients.”

Dr. Relles added, “Part of the reason clients enjoy success with our software – besides the fact that these are excellent products – is that our staff truly enjoys the work we do. We have many employees who’ve been with us well over a decade, which makes us well-tuned to the needs of our clients. Client satisfaction with our services and support staff have had a direct relational impact on the long-lasting, stable relationships we’ve enjoyed with our clients.”