Supporting Causes Close to the SofterWare Family

Our clients’ missions bring so much meaning and purpose to our work every day. That’s why here at SofterWare, we make it our mission to dedicate lots of love and resources to nonprofit organizations around the world through SofterWare Gives Back.

This company-wide program is the heart of our culture. It encourages and supports employee efforts to donate, volunteer, and spread the word about amazing causes.

Volunteer and Fundraising Events

When we give together, we grow together.

Through a giant floating collage, spirited emails, desk side conversations, SofterWare Gives Back champions employee participation in local volunteer and fundraising events.

Our Gives Back Committee creates and promotes a monthly calendar of events submitted by people from every department. Thanks to their outreach efforts, we collectively donate thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to nonprofits we love every year. Through our participation in the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit program, we’ve donated nearly $1,000,000 to over 35 nonprofits since 2005.

Volunteer Paid Time Off

We believe that giving back is essential to employee happiness and personal growth, so we offer our employees paid time off to volunteer during the work week.

Matching Gifts

Donating to your favorite charities is twice as nice when you’re a SofterWare employee. When you give, we give too! SofterWare Gives Back matches employee donations to qualifying nonprofits through our matching gift program.

Donate Software to a School or Nonprofit

Our employees jump at the opportunity to supercharge the fundraising efforts of their favorite nonprofits by gifting them SofterWare products at a discounted rate.