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The “softer” side of software refers to the more interpersonal aspects of software development, including communication, collaboration, teamwork, empathy, and emotional intelligence. It emphasizes the importance of creating software that is easy to use and that makes the user experience enjoyable and successful. We achieve that by fostering a positive work culture, building strong relationships between team members, and understanding the needs and perspectives of our customers. The softer side of software also incorporates user feedback, prioritizes user needs and concerns, and focuses on designing software that is usable, accessible, and inclusive. Overall, the softer side of software highlights the importance of putting users first in the software development process.

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Nonprofit Fundraising Platform
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DonorPerfect fundraising growth platform is a top-rated comprehensive donor management system that is designed to help nonprofit organizations scale and succeed. Through core functionality and growth tracks tailored to organizations’ goals, DonorPerfect supercharges fundraising initiatives and increases donor engagement.

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Online Auction Software
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ReadySetAuction cloud-based auction software streamlines every aspect of fundraising auctions and events. From auction item procurement and ticket sales to mobile bidding and check out, nonprofit professionals rely on ReadySetAuction to help their annual events and fundraisers maximize revenue.

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Online Payment Services
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SafeSave Payment Services simplifies the payments experience for software clients and their merchants through innovative technology, unparalleled security, and world-class customer support.

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