The Nadine Lubarsky Values Award

Nadine was a SofterWare employee who was loved by so many of our colleagues and clients. She made us smile, made us laugh, and made us think. After she lost her battle with pancreatic cancer, SofterWare dedicated this award in Nadine’s memory, because her presence, actions, and enthusiasm so boldly celebrated our values.

Each quarter, in honor of Nadine, we invite all SofterWare employees to nominate anyone who has made a significant contribution to the company’s success or has otherwise demonstrated a particularly outstanding achievement that reflects SofterWare’s values.

Recent Recipients

Debbie Scarlett Foster
Training Specialist

4th Quarter 2019

Paula Burns
DonorPerfect Client Account Manager

3rd Quarter 2019

Past Recipients

Nikki Kashub DonorPerfect Sales Account Manager – 2nd Quarter 2019

Steve Smaglio Implementation Coordinator/Training Specialist – 1st Quarter 2019

Holly Roscoe Accounts Receivable Accountant – 4th Quarter 2018

Meg Ethridge Client Relations Specialist – 3rdQuarter 2018

Emily Patz Senior Copywriter – 2nd Quarter 2018

Wendy Young Instructional Writer – 1st Quarter 2018

Audrey Marcus EZCare Sales Representative – 4th Quarter 2017

John Monterosso Helpdesk Support Analyst – 3rd Quarter 2017

Laura Bigelow Administrative Assistant – 2nd Quarter 2017

Chad Kashub Sales Representative – 1st Quarter 2017