Student Information Systems (SIS) & School Management Software

MMS: Student Information Management System provides comprehensive school management software for public school districts, private, religious, charter, and independent schools

MMS Generations is a complete K-12 school administration software package developed and supported since 1978 by Computer Resources. Our powerful, user-friendly school software and customizable reporting tools allow you to track data, analyze trends and opportunities, and report student information easily and accurately. We offer a choice of MMS OnLine, our Software as a Service offering, or MMS with a perpetual site license which you can self-host.


  • Save hours of administrative time and reduce errors by automating tasks and eliminating duplicate data entry.
  • Make better decisions with accurate reporting and analytical tools.
  • Enhance your image with parents.


  • Office Portal manages students, classes, facilities and much more in one centralized management software system. Track academic progress within district, school, and population subgroups. Use one of our 250 pre-designed reports or create a custom report of your own.
  • Teacher Portal is an integrated teacher grade book and complete classroom management system. It provides central, web-based access for teachers to their MMS gradebook, classroom attendance, discipline, as well as contact information for their students.
  • Parent Portal provides real-time access to keep parents and students up to date with their coursework, enables them to track academic progress, and keeps lines of communication open.
  • Software as a Service and Hosting Services – Choose whether you want a SaaS or Hosted Student Information System or install it locally on your servers.
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