Camp Management Software and Registration Systems

SofterWare pioneered camp management software over 30 years ago, and EZ-CAMP2 camp management software is the result of years of experience, customer feedback and technology. Blending the best of both worlds, EZ-CAMP2 provides the security and control of an installed system, with online features and a hosted option for anywhere, anytime access.


  • Save hours of administrative time and reduce errors by automating tasks and eliminating duplicate data entry
  • Increase revenue, reducing outstanding receivables and improving cash flow.
  • Make better financial and business decisions with accurate reporting and analytical tools
  • Enhance your image and professionalism with parents.


  • Full Contact Management – Track and report on family, camper, staff and prospect data including contacts, forms, notes, medical, transportation, schedules, certifications, prospects, alumni and more.
  • Billing and Accounts Receivable – Powerful rate features handle simple or variable rates (based on schedules, actual attendance or combination of both)
  • Gift & pledge tracking and donation acknowledgement & receipting
  • Online Registration – Secure, customized online registration forms that download data and payment information into the system.
  • Electronic Payment and eCommerce – Quickly and easily generate paper or electronic invoices, which can include one-click payment links. Payments can be made online, as pre-authorized recurring payments, or processed by your staff.
  • Marketing & Communications – Easily crate personalized letters, emails and e-newsletters with EZ-CAMP’s integration with Word, Excel, Constant Contact and other communication tools.
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